The Use of Drones Today

The Use of Drones Today

Before when we hear the word “drones”, we always associate it with bad things such as war, terrorist attack, and espionage. Drones were like the bringers of bad news, or an omen. When a drone hovers above a place, it means that that place is doomed for destruction.

Things have change over the last few years. With the growing presence is different industries, the potentials of drones have been recognized more and more. Many people realized that it can be used for other things and not just for spying and warfare. People enjoy using drones both for hobbies and for their jobs.

Here are few different ways how drones can be used today:

Capturing events as they happen.

Drones are becoming an indispensable tool in taking pictures and videos of live events. These events can either be sports events, concerts, political rallies, and other happenings that are considered to be news worthy or interesting for other people. In the past, there is a need to hung camera from cable just to capture aerial views.  However, their use is limited as the view can only capture one direction.

Surveying Dangerous Areas

During calamities, it is not safe to send cameraman or photographers in the affected areas to survey the place. However, drones can be used to assess the danger in those areas. This means that drones can do the things to keep human away from danger. The footages that the drone can get from dangerous places can give the authorities ideas on how to respond.  If the place is too remote to be reached by human, drones can actually go to those places because they are smaller and lighter and they can fly, of course.

Law Enforcement

This is the best use of drones, despite the fears by many that drones will be used excessively by authorities. Aside from surveying areas where criminals are lurking, drones can also be used to trace the locations of criminals that will enable the police to make the right plan of action. Some drones are now equipped with guns that can shoot criminals if needed.


Entertainment Industry

Drones are now widely used to shot commercials and movies. In the past, filmmakers would need helicopters and pilot to film scenes on aerial perspective. Now, drones can do that for them with less cost and time.  Images and videos captured by drones are also in high quality, some are even on HD, which makes drones indispensable tool in the movie industry.

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Do You Need To Own a Professional Video Camera?

There are tons of events that are happening these days that are just video worthy to be shared with friends and family. While filming these events can be done using a smartphone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in cameras that yield crisper and clearer recording even if you’re on a budget.

If you want to produce great looking videos, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy the most expensive camera. With the right knowledge and skill, you will be producing amazing videos that can even compare to professional video production Los Angeles. Here is the list of the best budget-friendly cameras you can choose from.

  1. Besteker HDV-Z8plus. This portable camera sells under $120 and is incredibly lightweight so it is perfect even for children and teenagers when they make their own videos.  ouchscreen rotates to 270 degree, records in 1080p and has 16x digital zoom capability. This high-quality recorder uses the Sony sensor in 8.0 MP with LED light, internal microphone and speaker. It also supports HDMI and TV output.
  1. Sony HDRCX405. Think of recording far away subjects? Then this camera is perfect for you. This soda can size camera features powerful zooming ability –up to 30x optimal zoom, 350x digital zoom in full HD. Records in a 1080p, 9.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor with optical steadyshot stabilization, voice enhancement and noise reduction features. The camera can be yours for under $200.
  1.  GoPro Hero 4. This device is perfect for water loving videographers out there. A small powerful camera that records in 1080p, shoots in 12 MP stills at 30fps and shutter speed supersedes low-light and nighttime lapses. The camera housing supports underwater activity up to 131 feet and this is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready. This camera is up for grabs under $350.


Shooting high quality videos can now be achieved without spending too much on your recording device. These cameras will give you more than just great shots, it also saves you a lot!




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Drones for Photography

Earlier drone photography was used just as a hobby but now it has gained a professional status. You may have watched in some movies and advertisements, some mesmerizing aerial views of mountains, valleys and landscapes. Big budget films and companies can arrange for a helicopter to get this job done. But a cheaper alternative is provided by these drones. These drones are available at small expenses. A simple drone can be rented from online market places at just 30 to 40 $. Even though these drones cannot be used for heavy applications it is much cheaper when compared to helicopters. Suppose you decide to hire a helicopter, then you will have to pay the cash required for hiring a helicopter, and also you would need to pay the driver thus costing you a fortune in total.

Drones come in a variety of price ranges having varying features as well as build quality. Build quality is required for it to stand up against heavy winds or other factors. So a basic photography drone with minimum specification costs about a 100$. This is a good tool for amateurs who want to learn a little bit about the job before proceeding into professional levels. Initially, you may find drone flying a little bit challenging. So there is always a chance for your drone to crash. So, it is advisable that beginners go for these cheaper models so that they can get used to it.

More advanced drones have better rigidity as well as larger cameras. Professional photography drones cost thousands of dollars, but when you consider its benefits, you will realize that the product is very reasonable for its cost. So if you are confident about you photography as wells as your drone flying skills, then you can surely go for these models. Further, if you are looking for the high end models with cutting edge technology, you will have to pay at least double the amount mentioned above. They are equipped with ultra high resolution cameras with immense zoom capacity so as to capture crystal clear views of the target areas. So basically, the more money you pay more the image and video quality.

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