The Use of Drones Today

The Use of Drones Today

Before when we hear the word “drones”, we always associate it with bad things such as war, terrorist attack, and espionage. Drones were like the bringers of bad news, or an omen. When a drone hovers above a place, it means that that place is doomed for destruction.

Things have change over the last few years. With the growing presence is different industries, the potentials of drones have been recognized more and more. Many people realized that it can be used for other things and not just for spying and warfare. People enjoy using drones both for hobbies and for their jobs.

Here are few different ways how drones can be used today:

Capturing events as they happen.

Drones are becoming an indispensable tool in taking pictures and videos of live events. These events can either be sports events, concerts, political rallies, and other happenings that are considered to be news worthy or interesting for other people. In the past, there is a need to hung camera from cable just to capture aerial views.  However, their use is limited as the view can only capture one direction.

Surveying Dangerous Areas

During calamities, it is not safe to send cameraman or photographers in the affected areas to survey the place. However, drones can be used to assess the danger in those areas. This means that drones can do the things to keep human away from danger. The footages that the drone can get from dangerous places can give the authorities ideas on how to respond.  If the place is too remote to be reached by human, drones can actually go to those places because they are smaller and lighter and they can fly, of course.

Law Enforcement

This is the best use of drones, despite the fears by many that drones will be used excessively by authorities. Aside from surveying areas where criminals are lurking, drones can also be used to trace the locations of criminals that will enable the police to make the right plan of action. Some drones are now equipped with guns that can shoot criminals if needed.


Entertainment Industry

Drones are now widely used to shot commercials and movies. In the past, filmmakers would need helicopters and pilot to film scenes on aerial perspective. Now, drones can do that for them with less cost and time.  Images and videos captured by drones are also in high quality, some are even on HD, which makes drones indispensable tool in the movie industry.